Single Stream Recycling Services

MT-Trash-Service-good_service_great_pricesResidential Recycling

MT offers weekly recycling pick up to residential customers. Click here for list of acceptable recyclables.


Why should I recycle?

Recycling is no longer a “trendy” thing for us to do. As a society, as a whole, it has become our “responsibility” to ensure a more environmentally conscience life style that will conserve energy and raw materials by reducing, reusing and recycling…


Advantages of Single-stream recycling:

• No Sorting
• Better use of natural resources
• More people recycling
• Easier pickup
• Increase recyclable materials
• Less waste in landfills
• More convenient
• Less contamination
• Environmental benefits
• Lower collection costs



recycling-hand-and-bottleMT Services is proud to offer Single Stream Recycling to all of our curbside refuse/recycling customers, making it easy for you to recycle easily and effectively from home. This innovative sorting technology allows residents to put all of their recyclables- plastic, paper, metal and more, into a single recycling bin. This approach allows us to recycle more materials than ever before, saving valuable resources and minimizing environmental impact.