Item Prices

Lineoftrucks-fullCertain items require a separate fee due to charges of disposal. These are:

Mattresses and Box springs – small $25, large $35
Batteries (Car and Truck) – $5
Tires (Car only) – small $10, large $25
Tires with rim – small $25, large $35
Couch, Kitchen table etc. – $25 & up
Air Conditioners – small $25, large $45
Washer, Dryer, Stove
Dishwashers, Dehumidifiers: $25 & up
Refrigerators – small $40, large $70
TV & Monitors, computers, electric devices – small $25, large $40
Propane Tanks (20 gallon) $20
Christmas Tree $10
These prices are estimates as items and interpretation of sizes vary. Please call if you have questions or for a quote regarding other items or materials. Thank you.


Yard_wasteYard Waste Disposal Guidelines:

yardwaste-bags1. Yard waste includes leaves, grass clippings, woodchips or other easily raked materials. Sticks must be cut in four foot lengths and tied with string. No tree stumps will be accepted.
2. Yard waste must be placed in paper yard waste bags (purchased at local hardware stores and supermarkets).
3. No plastic bags or cardboard boxes of any type can be used for yard waste.
4. Place yard waste separately from trash. A maximum of 5 bundles may be put out with the regular refuse on collection day.
5. There is a fee of $2.00 per paper bag. Please give us a call to arrange pickup.

No yard waste, sand, etc. will be accepted in the regular trash container. Thanks.