Truck_in_Field_1920How long can I have the dumpster for?

7 days. It will be automatically pulled after the 7th day unless you call and schedule it to be pulled early or extend the agreement for an additional fee.

What can’t I put in the dumpster?

You cannot put anything containing asbestos, batteries, hazardous waste, paints, oils, liquids, chemicals, pesticides, highly flammable materials, or propane tanks in our dumpster. *Violators will be subject to substantial fines.


When do I have to pay?

We require payment in full upon delivery of the dumpster.

What form of payment do I have to have for your driver?

We accept, cash, check or credit cards (VISA, M/C, AM/EX). If paying by cash or check we require a credit card to be on file to make the order.

What household items have charges or additional fees?

Non-freon appliances and tires. Mattresses, box springs, TVs, computer monitors and refrigerators, freezers and A/Cs do have additional fees. Please call for pricing.